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Nauvoo Week 35 (8 - 14 August 2016)

Nauvoo Week 35 (8 – 14 August 2016)

Here it is the middle of August already!  Monday was a great day as we had a home evening with all the Temple Missionaries.  Susan Easton Black Durrant and her husband George were in town, because she was asked to speak at a Smith family reunion. 
She talked about the Life of Christ through a Jews viewpoint.  From the point Isaiah announces in 750 BC that Christ shall be born, every young women hoped that she might be the Mother of Christ.  King Herod is despised by the Jews.  He orders his soldiers to go on Temple square.  They removed genealogy records from the Temple.  Zacharias is the Priest of the Quorum of Abbia, which is the 8th quorum out of 24.  Quorum of Abbia come to Temple twice annually, the first of April and the first of October, just like our general conference times.  They are responsible for sacrifices, baptisms, etc.  When Zacharias goes into the Holy of Holies he sees an Angel who was Gabriel, who tells him that his wife will have a son named John.  Mary is betrothed to Joseph a carpenter.  If a man wanted to become betrothed he would make something to show his trade.  Joseph made a canopy to show his skills as a carpenter.  Then he asked Mary to come under the canopy and asks her if she will accept a coin.  If she accepts the special coin then they would be betrothed.  Mary accepted the coin and they are betrothed for a year before the marriage which shows she is taken.  She then wears a veil over her face until they get married, also a sign that she is taken.  Priests could write a Bill of Divorcement if a man wanted to break things off, but a women could not break a betrothal. The Angel Gabriel comes to her and tells her that she will bring forth a Son who’s name will be Jesus.  Joseph ponders about divorcing Mary but decides to have her put away privately.  Of course, we know that Joseph also received a vision telling him about Jesus.  Jewish weddings were always on the third day of the week which is Tuesday.  The groom goes to each house looking for the bride.  At each home they are told no she is not here, but let us help you find her.  They go to her home last where they ask if the bride is there and the Father says yes, and he brings out the bride who is veiled.  The groom lifts the veil and says this is my bride.  The groom removes the veil and puts it over his left shoulder.  This indicates that the government has fallen on his shoulder.  He moves the veil to his right shoulder when the marriage is complete.  I had never heard some of these facts before and thought it was interesting.

Wednesday in the afternoon before our shift we had another meeting with the temple missionaries, with a man named Ugo A. Perego.  He is from Rome and has a doctorate in DNA.  He lives in Rome but was here seeing his wife’s family.  He said DNA is used for medication, forensic, cures for disease, identity, genealogical info and ancient origin.  He studies genealogical lines and has specifically been working on the line of Joseph Smith. 
It had been believed that their ancestors came from England, but this is not the case.  He said that they have found some of their lines from Northern Ireland.  Possibly through Royal Irish Kings.  He also talked about plural marriage and how many have tried to say that Joseph Smith had other children through polygamy.  They do know that he was sealed to other women, but there is no DNA proof that he had any other children accept for those he had with Emma. He has a website called Joseph Smith 

Paul and Kellie had their 13th wedding anniversary.  We hope they had a great one. 
We actually know that it was spent at Lagoon with the kids, the fun spot of Utah and the Happiest Place on Earth!? 

Sunday was Jeff and Amanda’s anniversary, their 18th! 
Wow you guys are all getting older!  We hope you had a great day.  Sunday evening we had a wonderful fireside with all of the Young Performing Missionaries.  All of you had the opportunity to see them when you were here.  They were amazing and so talented.  Some of them were in the Nauvoo band and the rest of them were in the Pageants and other activities.  Ashtyn picked out one of the guys and said she is going to marry him.  We wonder how many other young women have said the same thing!  This socialable was so spiritual.  They sang and played instruments and had some speaking parts.  There was not a dry eye there.  They came in June and have been here for two and a half months.  It was a mission call for all of them.  We will miss them so much; they have been so fun to watch and to get to know.  What a privilege it is to be here and to experience so many wonderful places and people.  We know the spirit of the Lord dwells here in great abundance, and the pioneer spirit is always present.  We love all of you and pray that you will always remember your visit here and that you will come back with your families in the future.  We love you.
Mom & Dad/Nana & Papa/Elder & Sister Shaw

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