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Nauvoo Week 33 (25 - 31 July 2016)

Nauvoo Week 33 (25 – 31 July 2016)

Our week started out with a pot luck dinner for the temple missionaries.  We have four couples leaving in the next three weeks and so this dinner was for them.  They are the Simon’s, Peterson’s, Hendricks’ and the Lyman’s.  We will miss all of them. 

We had a big Baptistry night.  We have loved working with our team, which is the Gammell’s,Garff’s, and Curtis’.  They have been with us through the busy season, and now we go back to having us and Gammell’s for the rest of our mission.  The youth are so valiant; it has been fun to have stake groups from many different areas.  Many of them had found their own family names to be baptized for. 

The best part of the week came on Friday, when Kristy and Mile’s came with their kids.  We had such a good time.  We had Friday off because of our July schedule, and were able to get a substitute for Saturday.  Then the schedule changed for August back to our Monday Pday so we lucked out to have all of that time off. 

On Friday we went to do baptisms with Kristy, Miles, Jen and Porter.  It was fun to watch them be baptized and confirmed, they loved the Baptistry.  That evening we went to “Sunset on the Mississippi” which all of you enjoyed.  That evening we went to the “British Pageant.”  It had been so hot when Paul’s and Jeff’s family were here, but Kristy’s kids were cold at the Pageant.  The temperatures were nicer through their stay, but they still thought it was really hot and muggy. 

We went to a “King Follett’s” talk given by Dallyn Bayles (the man who played Joseph Smith in the Nauvoo Pageant).  It was outside in the west grove of trees, it was very good.  They were able to get to all of the popular businesses and houses as well as the “Nauvoo Pageant” on Saturday.  These were the last evenings for both the Pageant’s.  They went to “Just plain Anna and Amanda,” and “The Promise” on Saturday. 

Sunday we went to one of the Nauvoo wards for church.  We went to the Carthage Jail that day.  We also went to the “Trail of Hope” in the evening for the walk and the young performing missionaries did speaking parts and songs at some of the stops along the way.  This was the first time we had done this and we all loved it. 

On Monday, Kristy and Miles and we went to a session in the Temple.  They loved it.  In the afternoon their family went to see the Nauvoo Mansion and Smith Homestead.  Also to the graves of the Prophet, Emma, and Hyrum, and their parents.  Then to the store that Joseph had opened, where he had an office and also where the Relief Society was formed.  Then it was to the Souvenir shops to get some mementos.  They loved everything and it was so fun to spend time with them.  The kids have grown taller in just 7 months!  Tuesday morning they left to go to Scott and Malia’s house.  I wish we could have gone with them, Ruby is changing so fast! 

How grateful we are that all of you were able to come here and feel of the spirit on the grounds as well as in the Temple.  We hope that you will always have special memories of your visits here, I know we certainly will.  We love you all dearly, and are so grateful that you all have the desire to be good strong members of the church.  So grateful that your parents are raising you so well and that all of our grandchildren are making good choices and good friends.  We appreciate your love and support, it means so much.  The saints who dwelt here in Nauvoo were special and we feel of their spirits on these hallowed grounds. 

Love to you all,
Mom & Dad/Nana & Papa/Elder & Sister Shaw

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