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Nauvoo Week 51 (28 November - 4 December 2016)

Nauvoo Week 51 (28 November – 4 December 2016)

Paul’s Birthday was on the 28th.  He spent the day traveling to California, for Thanksgiving with the Beames and Disneyland.  They had a great time, and it’s hard to believe that our baby is getting so old!

This week was full of training at the Temple.  We trained three couples in the Baptistry; they moved us from Tuesday evening Baptistry to Thursday morning.  The new workers are having to take over positions that were held by others, who left in November.  We also trained a couple to take over our Wednesday night Initiatory assignment.

The Droste’s were going to go to Utah the week before we finished our mission, so we went to dinner with them.  We may see them when we get home.
  They are district workers who are from Iowa, who live on the grounds and work full time. 

On Thursday, following our morning service we went to lunch with Brother & Sister Morgan (Hannibal, IL).  They are wonderful friends that have served in the Temple for many years.  He was recently changed from an Ordinance Worker to Veil Worker due to his call to the branch presidency.  They come to the Temple every other week for the entire week…they are amazing!

They have decorated the grounds for Christmas, it looks great. 
I had picked up some Christmas decorations from the Missionary DI after Christmas last year, so I decorated our apartment so we could enjoy them before we come home.  The Christmas tree and manger scene were beautiful. 

Saturday was Grandpa Pearson’s Birthday, he turned 94!   The Lord has blessed him with good health and we are anxious to see him soon.  We love you Dad.  We worked Saturday evening in the Temple.  Our assignment included officiating the final session for the evening.  A couple had come from Texas and just missed the 5:00pm session.  So they did some Initiatory while waiting for the last session.  They were Spanish.  Tom was able to do Initiatory in Spanish for the husband.  They were the only ones there for the session and so we asked if they would like to have it presented in Spanish.  They happily said yes and they had their own special session and we were blessed to be the officiator and follower.  We talked to them afterwards in the Celestial room and they told us that they had just been sealed in the Temple last September.  This was her husband’s second time through.  The first time was in English and he had not understood it very well.  It meant so much to them that they could have it in Spanish and that he understood it so much better.  Tom was the only one that evening who could do it in Spanish which was such a tender mercy.  The Lord is in charge and He is in the details. 

On Sunday we went to church in Mt. Pleasant.  It had started to snow a little bit in Nauvoo.  As we traveled along the snow started to really come down.  The main roads were being plowed but the side roads were not.  It was fast Sunday and we were able to bear our testimonies and express our love for the members.  We have really enjoyed being able to serve in that branch.  We did the primary music every other week for a while, and the primary program, which was fun to be a part of.  We decided to leave after Sunday school because of the weather.  The main road was okay but the side roads were quite slippery, but we made it back safe and sound.  We had “Break the fast” dinner at the Elder & Sister McBride’s apartment, with Elder & Sister Lawson and President & Sister Smith, who is the second counselor in the Temple Presidency. 
We then went to the Nauvoo Visitor’s Center to see a live nativity scene that the site missionaries had put together.  It was wonderful and we really enjoyed it. 

We have only one week left and it is bitter sweet.  We will miss being here as the pioneer spirit is so strong here.  We have met and worked with many wonderful people and have learned so much more about our Prophet Joseph Smith and those who lived here.  We are excited to be back with our family and look forward to spending special time with all of you.  We love you and thank you for all for your support and prayers. 

Mom & Dad/Nana & Papa/Elder & Sister Shaw

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