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Nauvoo Week 47 (31 October - 6 November) 2016

Nauvoo Week 47 (31 October – 6 November 2016)

Happy Halloween everyone!  It was a different one for us as there was no trick or treaters and we had a social that evening.  We had a final dinner, so to speak, for all those missionaries who were leaving by November 7th.  They had a thanksgiving type dinner and it was wonderful.  We had a little program right after to honor the old Presidency who is also leaving November 7th.  We had a small choir which I participated in, and we sang “Each Life That Touches Ours for Good.”
There was a poem written and read about our time here.  Brother McDonald sang “A poor wayfaring man of grief”, the same way it was sung for Joseph in Carthage jail.  He also made up new words to “Homeward bound” with a slide show which was wonderful.  He then had all of us sing the song, it was quite emotional.  They also presented throws (blankets) to each of the Presidency members which had the picture of all of us from this year on it.  We then went in to the chapel and had a testimony meeting.  It was a wonderful evening.

On Monday, we went to breakfast with the Frank & Annette Mills, our friends from our Majuro Mission.  We also went to see a few of the couples who were leaving a little earlier, to say goodbye. 

Wednesday, we had the Mills over for breakfast. 
We then went to a few places with them in the city and then we went to Montrose, IA which is across from Nauvoo, IL on the other side of the Mississippi river.  It had been raining really hard and we didn’t know if we would be able to see the Temple, because of clouds.  It had cleared up some and the Temple looked beautiful.  The next day the Mills left for Cincinnati to go to the BYU football game.  We sure enjoyed their visit.

Thursday evening we had a barbeque with the two couples that live in our same building.  They are Elder & Sister Holmes from Idaho and Elder & Sister Robb from Roosevelt, UT.   We need to start using up our food and we had some steaks and chicken to use.
  It was a fun evening reminiscing about our time here.

On Sunday we left around 1:00 to go to Scott’s and Malia’s house.  How fun and sweet it was to go and spend time with them, as they will not be with us in Utah for Christmas.  Ruby had gotten so much bigger, with chubby cheeks and rolls, and Corban was as cute as ever.  How blessed we have felt to be within driving distance to make it possible to make several trips there.  The weather here has been so mild for this time of year.  It is still great now but may change at the end of this week.  Christmas is all out in the stores and they will be decorating the homes here in Nauvoo for Christmas. 
We are so excited that we will be home for Christmas.  We look forward to spending special time with all of you and catching up with all of your lives.  We love you so much, families are forever and what a blessing it is to know that. 

Mom & Dad/Nana & Papa/Elder & Sister Shaw

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