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Nauvoo Week 37 (22 - 28 August 2016)

Nauvoo Week 37 (22 – 28 August 2016)

This week was packed with activities.  On Monday, a temple missionary had set up a golf scramble tournament.  I was just going to ride around in the cart with Dad, but then I decided to play.  I have never played 18 holes before!  I was terrible but we had a lot of fun.  We had 3 teams and we all tied.  Afterwards we went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant and had some great fajitas.

Tuesday, our friends the Lasher’s, who were sight missionaries, came to the temple for the last time before leaving.  I think all of you met at least him while you were here.  We went on the session with them, and then showed them around the temple afterwards. 
Brother Lasher actually asked President Mc Arthur if we could go in the tower, something we hoped to be able to do before we are released.  He said yes, and so an engineer took us up.  It was a pretty sight to see all of the valley, and the Mississippi river from that view point.

On Wednesday we went to lunch with the Castleton’s, a couple who we met when we were in the MTC before going to Spain.  They have come here before, and this time they came because the Chicago temple is closed for cleaning.  They are a great couple. 
We also had our weekly meeting where Brother Bob Wright came and talked about the Battle of Nauvoo.  Many people don’t know that it even happened. 

On Thursday we attended the play Rendezvous.  This was the last time our friends, the Lashers, would be performing and he had the main part.  We have seen it two times before, but we really felt the spirit and the sacrifices that were made by the Saints.

Friday we had a dinner with 3 other couples.  The Smith’s, the Marshall’s, and the Russell’s.  We also went to the show Ben Hur.  The reviews for the movie had not been very good, and but we really liked it.  These couples are golfers and Tom has golfed with them quite a few times.  We have become friends with so many of the temple workers here; we have had a wonderful group. 

Tom was able to perform some Sealings in Spanish on Saturday.  One sister was sealed to her deceased parents and another couple received their own endowment, and then was sealed afterwards to each other and then their two daughters, who were young teenagers.  I had the opportunity to witness the marriage and sealing of children.  It was done in Spanish which I didn’t understand, but the spirit was very strong.  The people were so gracious and humble.  I love having these opportunities.

Sunday was our primary program.  Tom and I have been doing the music every other week in primary.  The Primary President had asked us to do the music for the program.  We have enjoyed being able to do that even though we have never done anything like that before.  I think I have mentioned before that half of the primary is the branch Presidents children.  During our practice the week before two of their children were running all over the place, and 3 children from one family who had parts, did not attend any practices.  We had asked one of the senior missionaries Sister Hafen to play the piano for us.  They were “barged” – meaning the bridge was opened for the river barges going up or down the Mississippi so cars could not pass until it closed- over the Mississippi river which takes a minimum of twenty extra minutes to get to where you are going. 
They were not there when sacrament meeting started, and we were doing some serious praying that they would arrive.  Thankfully during the sacrament they got there!  The Grandma of the two active kids sat with them, which helped a lot.  We witnessed the miracle of the primary program as everything worked out and the kids who hadn’t been to practice were there also.  I love the primary songs, and the sweet faces of the children looking at me.  We are so blessed to serve here.  We have loved every minute of it.  We are anxious to see the fall colors as they say that is a beautiful sight here.  We love all of you and pray for each and every one of you constantly. 

Mom & Dad/Nana & Papa/Elder & Sister Shaw 

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