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Nauvoo Week 24 (23 - 29 May 2016)

Nauvoo Week 24 (23 – 29 May 2016)

This week continues with the visit of Scott, Malia & Corban.  Monday morning Tom and Scott played golf again and had a wonderful time.  Later that day we visited a few more of the sites and learned much about the saints in their various difficulties.  
We visited the Mansion House, the Smith Family Homestead, the Smith Family Cemetery and the little Red Brick Store.  These are all owned and operated by the Community of Christ Church.  We enjoyed our visits and learned much about the Smith Family.

On Tuesday, Scott, Malia and Tom attended the Temple; enjoyed the session and then went on a little tour of the Temple.  We all did some “Shaw” family names and it was a wonderful feeling.  We ate lunch then went to “Annie’s” a favorite yogurt store in town.  Corban particularly enjoyed his chocolate yogurt as his face and shirt were covered with it.  Scott, Malia and Corb then packed up and left for Lake Zurich.  It was hard to see them leave, but it was great to spend some wonderful time with them.  They promise us they will be back following the birth of Ruby.  We served in the Temple later that day and had a wonderful experience in the Baptistry.

On Wednesday, it was a normal day; we served on the afternoon/evening shift.

Thursday, we served in the morning and had some great experiences with the people that we came in contact with.  Later we went shopping to prepare for the arrival of Peter Christensen (one of our missionaries from that served with us in the Marshall Islands).

Friday morning we served in the Temple and met Peter later in the afternoon.  Prior to his arrival we ate with Elder & Sister O’Brien and watched the season finale of NCIS (Denozo’s final episode).  We then left and picked up Peter who was waiting for us at the front of the Temple.  He had been looking around for a few minutes; we had just enough time to drive through the “Flats-where all the restored homes are” to show him some of the highlights, we then all went to bed.

Saturday, the weather was beautiful so we were able to feed Pete breakfast and then we began our visits to the many sites.  I think he was surprised at the condition of the sites and the spirit that exists here in Nauvoo.  He came with a few names of relatives that had lived here in Nauvoo.  We visited the Lands and Records Building (you can go in with names and look them up on a “Nauvoo Only” database) he found pages of information and the sisters gladly burnt him a CD with all of the “Nauvoo Only” information.  We visited some of the parcels of land that his ancestors had owned; I think this was a highlight of his trip.  We then left to serve in the Temple and he continued to visit additional sites. 

We had agreed to meet the next morning at 7:30am to go to the Mount Pleasant Branch; we were in charge of the Primary music that day.  Sharon put together a wonderful little program about Memorial Day and the children seemed to love it; they all took home a small American Flag and, of course, small candies treat.

Following the Sunday meetings we returned to our apartment, had a wonderful dinner and then took Pete to visit the Community of Christ Church’s restored homes.  Pete was really impressed with them, but mentioned that he didn’t feel the same spirit. 

We love each of you and want you to know how proud we are to be your parents and grandparents.  We love you with all of our hearts and can’t wait to see you as you visit us this summer.  We pray the Lord’s choicest blessings to be with you all.  Happy Birthday to Porter on the 27th, big #12.   We are proud that you were found worthy to receive the Priesthood, we look forward to seeing you pass the Sacrament.
Mom & Dad/Nana & Papa/Elder & Sister Shaw

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