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Nauvoo Week 18 (11-17 April 2016)

Nauvoo Week 18 (11-17 April 2016)

Monday we worked in the Temple.  That evening we had Family home evening.  Dr. Craig Dunn spoke to us about the appearance (what did he really look like) of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  He told us that Joseph was around 185 lbs to 215 lbs at his death.  He was 6 feet tall, and had flaxon red hair and dark blue eyes, that were deep set and large.  Most of the photos of Joseph in his time came from Sudcliffe Modsley who lived in Nauvoo.  He did profilist pictures where he would shine a light on his profile; he would trace that profile and then fill it in.  Lucien Foster was a photographer in 1844 also did picture of Joseph.  When Joseph and Hyrum died they made a death mask of both of them.  D.J. Bawden a sculptor did Joseph and Hyrum statues that are across the street from the front of the Temple, depicting them riding on their horses on the way to carthage jail.  They stopped up by the Temple to take one last look before leaving. 

He used the death masks and it has been said that these are the most accurate of both of them of all the other art work.  They would take thin paper like paper Mache and wet them to put all over their faces.  Once they were dry they would remove them from their faces and then pour plaster of paris in the mold and then remove the mold when dry.  It is definitely my favorite face of him.  Joseph's mask is on the left as you look at the picture (Tom's right).

After Elder Dunn was finished President and Sister McArthur passed out our new schedules and activities that we will be doing with the new couples the week they arrive.  There will be 32 new couples come to work in the Temple.  It will be fun to meet them and to help orient them to this Temple.  That means that in a couple of weeks we will have someone living below us, which means we will have to be quieter!

On Tuesday, we had another Susan Easton Black lecture.  She talked about Lorenzo Snow.  He was not a big man about 5ft. 6ins. and 152 lbs.  He came from a well-to-do family who live in Mantua, Ohio.  He had military aspirations.  He wanted to be as great as Washington on the sea instead of land.  His sister is Eliza R. Snow.  He went to Kirtland Ohio to live and he was not a member yet.  He goes to the Johnson farm and hears Joseph speak, but he is not interested.  He was going to attend Oberlin College in Ohio but his sister Eliza tells him that there is a wonderful school in Kirtland and she convinces him to come to the School of the Prophets.  He is very quiet, but he becomes friends with Joseph Smith Sr.  He asked how it was that these unlearned men knew so much.  He told him it was because they had received the Holy Ghost and that they were being prompted through the Holy Ghost as they studied. He asks how he can receive it and he is taught the gospel and baptized.  He then goes to the class again thinking that he would have more knowledge and he is told that he needed to be baptized by fire. He prayed that the Holy Ghost would dwell with him and then things became clearer.  Joseph Smith Sr. gave him a patriarchal blessing where he gave him the Priesthood power to raise the dead.  He asked the Prophet what he should do and he told him to serve a Mission which he did for ten years at which point he was 31 and still single.  He marries and is sealed to two women on the same day in the Nauvoo Temple.  He goes to Utah - he is an Apostle.  He was assigned to talk at a stake conference in Farmington and he is given a note before he is to speak, telling him that one of his relatives who lives there is very sick, and was asking him to come and bless this person.  He tells the Stake President that he will speak when he returns from giving the blessing.  When he gets there they say Uncle Lorenzo you are too late, she is dead.  He asks for oil and climbs on the body three times.  He asks for inspiration and basically performs CPR on her.  He returns to the stake conference meeting and gives his talk.  His relative is alive and the first words she said is “Where is Eder Snow, he called me back.”  When Lorenzo is serving as an Apostle he hears that Wilford Woodruff had gone to San Francisco and had passed away.  Lorenzo goes to the Holy of Holies and he fasts and prays for three days, hoping that he would have permission to raise Wilford from the dead.  He sees Jesus Christ who tells him that Wilford is with him and that he should reconstitute the first Presidency immediately.  He is put in as President of the Church with his counselors George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith.  He was the first Prophet to send women on missions. President Snow and President Joseph F. Smith were headed to St. George and are in two separate carriages.  President Smith said he was tired of going so slow behind the Prophet’s carriage and asks if they can pass them up.  President Snow says no, and then from that point they have a race the rest of the way to St. George!  He gives the address about Tithing, telling the Saints that if they will pay an honest tithe, that the Lord would open the windows of heaven and that it would rain, so they could still have crops.  It did not rain immediately and he prayed and prayed and said I will give you anything Lord even my life if you will make it rain.  Of course we know that it did rain and the Saints were blessed for their faithfulness.

On Thursday, Susan gives us another lecture on members of the church.  She spoke about 4 types of people: 1) 9% stay Faithful 2) a Very Large leave the church, then come back 3) another Large group leave the church and never return and 4) 8% Leave the church and then FIGHT against it.  Those of the first group have two things in common; Confidence and the Spirit (a pipeline to heaven).  Joseph Smith and Brigham Young are good examples of group one. Thomas B. Marsh is an example of the second group; he is excommunicated over the strippings of his wife’s milk (to make cheese).  His wife is complaining that Lucinda Harris is cheating on her portions; he takes this to many church councils and is told that if there was any cheating that his wife was the one who was doing it.  Finally in a rage, he is angry and he goes to Governor Boggs and tells him that Joseph had ruled that his wife was actually at fault and proceeds to tell him lies about Joseph and how he is a fallen Prophet.  It was right after this conversation that Governor Boggs issues the extermination order of the Saints.  He stayed away from the church for 16 years.  He had lost his family and was basically a popper.  He goes to Utah and the Saints are having a Conference and he walks in.  He wants to be a member again.  Brigham Young has him come to the front and sit down by him.  When he stands he tells Marsh to stand next to him.  He goes into all of the things he had done against the church and the letter he wrote to Governor Boggs.  He then asks for a vote if they think he should be reinstated. The vote was unanimous to accept him back.  He promises that he will never fall again.  Brigham calls him out and basically says he will.  He did leave again and was later baptized into the RLDS church.

An example of the third group is John F. Boynton; a former Apostle leaves the church never to return.  He was an inventor; inventing many useful items, the first fire extinguisher, the soda fountain, torpedoes, a levy system for lifting heavy things out of water, and one of the first family history programs.  He was asked to come west, but he said he would only do so if Brigham would send him wagons to take all of his inventions.  Brigham tells him no and he tells him that if he stays he will die.  He died right after this exchange of words.

An example of the fourth group is Almon W. Babbitt, a Stake President in June 1844.  He was disfellowshipped on at least 4 occasions and later reinstated, was eventually excommunicated for creating a golden calf (creating his own counsel instead of listening to the counsel of the Lord.  He is mentioned in D&C 124.  He was always bitter, had no joy, and was angry all the time.  He was a lawyer.  Joseph sent some men to ask him to represent him in the trial at Carthage, and he said he had been asked by the accusers first.  He was eventually killed while making one of his many trips to Washington D.C. 

In the evening Sister Black gave another lecture about who will be our leader, after the death of Joseph?  Sidney Rigdon said that he should be the guardian of the Church after reportedly seeing an angel.  He wants the Saints to go to Pittsburgh instead of the Rocky Mountains.   Nauvoo is in chaos and not knowing who was in charge.  Willard Richards and John Taylor are recovering, they being the two witnesses of the martyrdom.  Sidney sets a date, August 7th for a meeting.  Brigham and 10 Apostles are serving a Political mission in Boston to let others know about Joseph Smith running for President.  Brigham Young finds out by reading a newspaper that Joseph and Hyrum have been killed.  He comes back on August 7th to Nauvoo.  He hears about the meeting that Sidney has called and goes to ask him if he may speak also.  While Sidney speaks the wind is howling and nobody can hear him but he still talks for two and a half hours.  Brigham Young gets up and the wind stops.  As Brigham stands to speak people see Joseph in his countenance, and he sounds like Joseph (Mantel of Joseph).  Those who were touched by the spirit witness this.  He talks for two and a half minutes and the leadership falls to the quorum of the Twelve.  The vote was taken; there were ten thousand people there, the vote was unanimous- the church leadership should be given to the Twelve. Sidney Rigdon tells the people that Satan has deceived them and 1,000 people went with him to Pittsburg.  James T. Strang claims to be a prophet and says that he is translating the brass plate material.  He claimed he had a letter from Joseph stating that he should be the new Prophet.  He eventually proclaims himself "King" Strang; 2,000 people from Nauvoo follow him and he goes to Beaver Island, Wisconsin.  His church grows to 12,000.  He is killed by the congregation after a speech.  Membership of the current church is 124.  William Smith, son of Lucy Mack Smith, has been ordained to be the Presiding Patriarch-is excommunicated after proclaiming his right to the Presidency (lineage of Joseph). He begins to form a church that is patterned after the original Latter-day Saint Church with many of those saints who could not go west or had stopped during the crossing of Missouri.  He becomes the President Pro-Tem of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and takes a group to Kentucky.  The RLDS ask Joseph Smith III to be the President of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ.  He turns it down 3 times due to other aspirations he has; finally accepting in 1860 and all that he wanted to do had failed.  Brigham Young leads the saints west, and becomes Prophet of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.  This action was approved by the saints in Kanesville, IA.  Oliver Cowdery also showed up to this meeting, after being separated from the Church for many years and is welcomed back into the Church-rebaptism happening a little later.

We are grateful for the privilege of serving here in Nauvoo. 
The flowers are all blooming and the trees are leafing and it is beautiful.  We see miracles every day and know that we are involved in the work of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  We begin our 2 week closure of the Temple next week and will be doing a little traveling and learning more about the history of the area.  Thanks for all of your prayers, they are felt each day.  We love you and pray for your well-being.

Mom & Dad/Nana & Papa/Elder & Sister Shaw 

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