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Nauvoo Week 10 (15-21 February 2016)

Nauvoo Week 10 (15-21 February 2016)

Another week has past and February is close to being done!  On Monday we had a home evening we had a Valentine party.  We played some games, and had lots of yummy treats.  All of the brother Temple Missionaries sang, “Let me call you Sweetheart” to the wives, it was great! We all had given a picture of us on the day we got married.  Then we all tried to guess who was who!  Surprisingly, they had a hard time guessing who we were.  If they had known Tom had worn a pink tux, they would have known right off, because no one else had one on! 

Tuesday we worked the evening shift and we were trained again in the Baptistry.  This coming Tuesday we will be the coordinators there.  I understand that once the summer hits we will be extremely busy.  That will be fun. 

Thursday we had some training on mentoring new workers.  In April, we will receive about thirty new couples who will work in the temple and we will need to orient them before the busy summer. 

Friday we went to Burlington to watch a movie and to eat with Elder & Sister Anderson.  They are a great couple and they will be leaving for home the middle of March.  I asked if they were excited to go home and she said no we want to stay longer.  It is an amazing mission.  Friday as we left them temple after the morning shift, the security guys were opening the back door for us.  It was so windy that it took two of them to close it back up.  I went out with another sister and we both just clung to each other because we felt like we could get blown away.  We just laughed like two young school girls it was pretty funny, but we made it safely to our cars!

Saturday was a great day in the temple.  The branch that we attend had scheduled a branch temple day, and the coordinator allowed Tom and I to officiate the session.  One of the Spanish Sisters in the ward had asked Tom to perform some Sealings of her family members in Spanish.  She and her husband were proxies for her parents.  Then she and a deceased brother were sealed to their parents.  Their son and his wife were the parents for that one and her husband was proxy for her deceased brother.  The last one was a sealing of an aunt to her parents.  The spirit was very strong and emotional.  We were in a sealing room of the top floor.  The bell rang right after the ordinances were completed which seemed to ratify what had taken place.  We were so grateful to be a part of it, it was special.  We love serving in this temple, it has so much significance to the saints back in the days of the pioneers.  There is a wonderful feeling there.  I have had the opportunity to be assigned in the Celestial Room when I am the only one there for almost a half an hour.  We feel so privileged to be here.

Today, we went to the Mt. Pleasant Branch.  They have now asked Tom to assist with the Young Men’s class two weeks a month to help out there.  We will be doing our primary music assignment next week.  Last Sunday it was such bad weather that we didn’t go.  This week we had a day in the fifties and yesterday it was sixty three degrees.  People were out with tank tops, shorts, and flip flops it was like summer to them! 

We love you all so much and thank you for your love and support.  We pray every day that you will have divine guidance in your homes.  The Lord loves you for your faithfulness and for striving to do what is right.  You are all our jewels, more precious than anything else.  I love my blanket; because of it I have received many hugs from all of you!  Happy Birthday to Kristy tomorrow.  We hope you have an amazing day. 

We love you all,
Mom & Dad/Nana & Papa/Elder & Sister Shaw    

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