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Nauvoo Week 4 (4-10 Jan 2016)

Nauvoo, Week 4 (4-10 Jan 2016)
This week was pretty quiet and late in the week a winter storm and temperature arrived.  On Monday, we traveled to Burlington, IA (about 35 minutes), ate at “Applebee’s” then went to the Westland Mall.  We walked around the mall for a while, and then went to the movie theater to see “Star Wars - The Force Awakens.”  We had a good time and returned home late that evening.

Tuesday, we worked at the Temple in the afternoon/evening shift.  Also, President McArthur gave me a copy of President Monson’s letter to him stating that my sealing authority had been transferred to the Nauvoo Temple.  That was neat to receive a personal letter signed by the Prophet.

Wednesday, we worked both the morning and afternoon/evening shifts at the Temple (not much time to do anything else).  We continue to have daily, wonderful experiences in the Temple serving the Lord and patrons.

Thursday, we worked the morning shift at the Temple.  We Skyped with Kristy and her family later that night. 

Friday, we again worked the morning shift at the Temple.  Later in the day we went to Keokuk, IA to buy a few things at Wal-Mart and Tom got a haircut.  Sharon wanted tacos at Taco Bell, so we ate there.  The weather changed greatly this day (temperatures from the high 20’s to mid 30’s down to the teens, with snow and wind).

Saturday, we got up early (too early, in fact, arrived at the Temple for a Preparation Meeting at 6:20am which didn’t start until 7:30am – Sharon wasn’t impressed with me).  Tom had the privilege of performing his first Sealings for both the deceased and a live Sealing following a Civil Marriage.  It was a great experience and seemed to be heartfelt by all who attended.  Our assigned Branch from Mount Pleasant also had their youth come to the Temple for Baptisms.  We greeted them and were hoping to assist them but they brought sufficient Priesthood holders to perform all of the ordinances.  The temperature and wind were really cold today with the high being about 6 degrees.

Sunday, attended the Mount Pleasant Branch; Tom taught the combined Priesthood lesson and we were assigned four Spanish families to visit with the Branch President’s father who speaks nothing but Spanish.  We will start our visits next Sunday following the Church meetings. The weather was a -1 degree when we left our apartment but the roads were dry all the way there.  It is now up to +10 degrees with the wind only at about 10 mph.  We have been invited to eat dinner with Elder & Sister Burns (Vernal, UT-they are good friends with David & Eleanor Rust who served with us in the Madrid Spain Temple) tonight and then we have invited 3 couples E/S Davenport-WA, E/S Massey-Bountiful UT and E/S Burns to come to our apartment for dessert to finish off the day.

We love our mission; work with magnificent couples and have really felt the history of the Saints that built this historic site.  On February 6 they will reenact the exodus of the saints; walking down Parley’s way to the Mississippi River.  There will be many other presentations the previous Friday, that day and Sunday evening.  We have been blessed to find a few ancestors that actually lived in Nauvoo; have read their stories and appreciate this assignment that much more.  We stand tall on their shoulders trying to further the work of the Lord.

Mom & Dad/Nana & Papa/Elder & Sister Shaw

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